General FAQs

What does "stigma-free" and "therapist-approved" mean?

  • Stigma-free: our mission is to eradicate the mental health stigma. There should be no shame in taking care of your mental health and seeking out support #destigmatizetherapy
  • Therapist-approved: our merch is literally therapist-approved and recommended because it was created by two licensed holistic mental health therapists. All of our merch is mental health related and is inspired by the work that we do with our amazing clients.

Which BIPOC non-profits do you all donate to?

We're passionate about supporting Hawai’i and North Carolina BIPOC organizations that focus on Mental Health + Wellness Resources, K-12 Education Programs, Youth Mentorship, Marginalized Community Resources, Houselessness + Food Insecurity. 

Where is your merch made? 

  • We source our products from manufacturers that are either located in the USA or from global manufacturers who follow anti-sweatshop and anti-child labor practices.
  • Additionally, we ship all of our products in eco-friendly packaging (made out of recycled/sustainable materials), which means that our packaging can be RECYCLED. We're proud to get all of our shipping supplies from EcoEnclose

    Can I edit or cancel my order once it's been placed?

    • Unfortunately, you won't be able to edit or cancel your order after you have submitted it.

    Can I return or exchange my merch?

    • We do not accept returns or exchanges.

    How long will it take to receive my merch?

    • All products that are currently in stock and not on pre-order will be shipped within 2-3 business days.
    • Check out our Shipping FAQs page for more info.

    How do I stay updated on new merch drops?

    How can I contact you all?


    Holistic Therapy & Wellness Cards FAQs

      How do I use the therapy cards?

      • Our therapy cards include a 10-page mini guidebook to assist you in using the cards, but you can choose to use them in whatever way you want! Our card deck can be used as journaling prompts, conversation starters, daily reminders to take care of yourself, team building activities, icebreakers, classroom lessons, in-session therapy interventions, therapy homework assignments and more. We recommend watching our How to Use Our Holistic Therapy & Wellness Cards Video.

      So if I use these cards, will all of my mental health issues go away?

      • Healing is a journey and not an overnight process. These cards were designed to help you increase self-awareness and provide you with concrete skills + tools to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. All of the holistic tips and techniques in the card deck have been used with real-life therapy clients, so they're legit! Our hope is that these cards will help to jumpstart or continue your healing journey!
      • Please remember that these cards are NOT a replacement for mental health therapy or a relationship with a licensed mental health professional. Additionally, these cards are not a diagnosis or cure for any mental health disorder.
      • Visit our Mental Health Resources page for helpful resources and download our FREE guides - 5-Step Guide on How to Feel Your Feelings, How to Forgive GuideHow to Start Therapy Guide.

        What's the difference between the Holistic Therapy & Wellness Cards and the Holistic Therapy & Wellness Cards For Athletes?

        Should I use the cards by myself or with others?

        • You can do both! You can use them on your own and with people you trust. We encourage community healing and community support. It's important for you to have a support system and talk about your mental health with others. So grab your auntie, cousin, sibling, friend, partner, coach, teammate, or parent and share those healing vibes!