Hey hey hey! We're Nick and Nicole Osborne, the creators of Milk & Honey Merch. We're licensed holistic mental health therapists, wellness coaches, and former athletes. We're compassionate, fun loving, and down to earth therapists with a passion for people, healing, and holistic wellness. As therapists, our jobs are to help people feel seen, heard, validated, and empowered. We LOVE being therapists and we're so grateful for the work that we do.

We know that there are many barriers to mental healthcare and Milk & Honey Merch was created to remove some of those barriers. Our merch is designed to help people navigate their own mental health issues, encourage conversations about mental health, increase access to holistic mental healthcare, and destigmatize therapy. Every piece of merch we create is thoughtfully and intentionally designed. Additionally, all of our merch is stigma-free and therapist-approved. Thank you for joining us on our journey to help people receive the healing they need and deserve!

With love + gratitude,

Nick & Nicole