NBA Players Are Using Our Therapy Cards

A global sports marketing agency gifted our Holistic Therapy & Wellness Cards For Athletes to all of their NBA players!

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Featured in the Tory Burch Foundation 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Our therapist-designed card deck is featured alongside 200+ amazing women-owned brands!

Discover our one-of-a-kind therapy card deck filled with 150+ holistic wellness tips, coping skills, therapy-style activities, and self-reflection questions.

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  • "Wow! They are fantastic. I can't believe the thought and strategy that went into them. You all covered it all! Very accessible. Approachable. Informative without being overwhelming…. I think that using these to facilitate dialogue in individual and group/team settings would be great" - J.S.

  • "The products have been amazing! My kids use the feelings wheel. I have been using the therapy cards too and sometimes I go over the topics with my oldest son! He wants his own set of cards! It's such a pleasure to share how impactful the products you sent have been in not only my life but my family's lives!" - N.N.

  • "I just wanted to share that your cards are really effective. I had discovered issues & strengths that I didn't even know I had. They really make you sit down and think about your life!" - S.R.

  • "Just got back from my 5-day intensive counseling retreat...  I even brought the therapy cards with me. They are so useful and beautifully made. I'm looking forward to continuing to refer to them along my journey of healing and talking to [my children] more about them as well." - M.W.

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